Chocolate Chips "Most Famous Cookies"

Our Up-To-The minute fresh gourmet
Ghirardelli semisweet chocolate chip
is going to satisfy the most discerning
chocolate lovers!

        Chocolate Chip walnut
The sweet seduction of rich chocolate
chips and fresh California  premium 
walnuts will make this nutty classic
cookie your favorite!

    Double Rich Chocolate Mint

Our Soft, rich  dark chocolate cookie
dough and the cool minty goodness 
complement each other so perfect to
make a cookie that is as sophisticated
as it is delicious, moist and chewy on 
the inside and crisp around the edges.

      Chocolate  Peanut Butter

We 've taken the classic childhood 
treat to a new level. It is the sweet
salty  crunchy peanut butter with 
chopped peanuts and chocolate 
chips that will make this delicious,
crispy , crunchy, and chewy 

buttery flavor. 


The traditional favorite with the 
funny name. Our delightful  moist
and chewy , delicious sugar cookie
with a crispy, cracked surface and 
a dusting of cinnamon and sugar on
top will make this a cookie from paradise.

      Double Rich Chocolate

Devastatingly rich  imported Dutch
cocoa batter blended with gourmet
semisweet chips to make a chewy
and delicious double rich chocolatey
cookie so tasty  and chocolaty and
irreplaceable that you may find it 
hard to share! 

          Peanut Butter

It's the ideal blend  of crunchy
peanut butter with chopped 
peanuts to make this all time
favorite chewy and crispy cookie
that it's made in heaven , so
dreamy and sweet.....perfect!          


Experience the best of both world 
of chocolate chips and M&M.
Everybody's favorite M&M 
candies with our best chocolate 
chip cookie dough to make a
favorite for kids of all  ages.  

          Oatmeal Raisin
The best distinctive pure cookie 
in the world.  A delightful variation 
of an old-fashioned favorite. It's the
perfect blend of freshly rolled
buttery oats and hand-picked plump
California  raisins.  Deliciously chewy 
and mildly spiced.        

            Sugar Cookie
Experience the sweet, creamy 
indulgence of our sugar cookie. These
tender, moist, sweet pure cookies
with crisp golden-brown edges 
carry the flavors of sweet creamery
butter and the finest real vanilla 
sprinkled with pride.

    White Chocolate Macadamia

Our White chocolate gives you the
pure delicate, luxurious flavor of 
real cocoa butter mixed with exotic
Hawaiian macadamia nut. Enjoy
this crunchy, creamy, chunky and 
chewy nutty sweet treat from


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