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​ Sherri's Cookies has been providing only the best delicious homemade traditional cookies and brownies in beautiful beach town of Santa Cruz since 1998. Her love and passion for baking is the story of her success.  Sherry is living her dream which was to be sweet to everyone!"

Sherri's Cookies is where quality and service are truly the most important ingredients. The quality
of Sherri's Cookies are unsurpassed. We use only premium ingredients. Quality control is implemented at every stage of the production process to guarantee the highest quality finished product. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest indulgent cookies and brownies from the finest, freshest, natural ingredients. When you visit our stores  , you will not be disappointed. 

All our cookies and brownies are at the peak of their freshness as sweet as the person who is eating it. If you like to make a profound sweet and unforgettable statement about the value you place on the relationship you have  and want to help that relationship sweeter , deeper and stronger , go ahead and visit us with confidence. we guarantee you sweet satisfaction!!  We would be privileged to assist you at anytime for any special event. We have been providing our delicious products on d​aily basis to wild range of corporate and private clients and we have met their satisfaction, which was our goal since day one!

We always  try to make changes for better. As Charles Darwin said ' change with your business or be left behind. " It is not the strongest of the speciese that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."